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Software Developer in Test

Software Developer in Test

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Semaphore Solutions Inc.

About Us 

Founded by software industry experts, Semaphore is the leading global provider of software solutions for high-throughput and high-complexity molecular diagnostic laboratories. Our clients are pushing the limits of genetic sequencing and other molecular diagnostic technologies to fight cancer, increase diagnostic accuracy, and improve health outcomes for the general population. Semaphore offers a unique combination of software and services that is enabling our clients to realize the full potential of genomic science. Our client base is global but mainly concentrated in the United States. As our team grows, we look to include more people motivated to solve interesting problems and to collaborate on original solutions. 


We are seeking a curious and talented individual to drive testing best practices and automation for our platform team. This individual will have a strong testing background and strong skills in test automation, quality, and development. 

About the Opportunity

In this role, you will be the testing expert within our scrum team and leverage your skills to test stories the team has worked on. You will be a key member of our platform team, collaborating with developers, product owners, and other team members. Your participation in advocating for quality and testing will help guide our team as we build the intelligent Laboratory Management System of the future. 

Responsibilities in this role will include the maintenance of existing automated tests and adding new ones, especially REST API  and web UI tests. As needed, you may be involved in the development of new frameworks and automation. Our team works with a variety of tools, including git, docker, a graph database, a workflow engine, a Spring-framework application, a React frontend – as well as Hashicorp tools such as  Consul, Nomad, Vault, and Terraform. Experience with these specific tools is not a must, as we are looking for someone who is motivated to learn and who aims for continuous improvement. Lastly, we are looking for someone who shares these values and brings a passion for applying their skills and experience to real world problems in modern healthcare.

We would love to have you working with us at our office in Victoria, BC (once it is safe to do so), however, remote candidates currently eligible to work in Canada are welcome to apply. We only ask that work hours overlap with the Pacific Time Zone.

Must Haves:

  • Professional experience with testing and automation
  • Knowledge of black box and white box testing, specifically how they fit in to the overall test strategy for a product
  • Experience with API automation, comfortable in databases and understanding TCP/IP networking
  • Experience with abstracted, maintainable test code
  • Ability to seek out ways to avoid test case duplication and improve test coverage
  • Experience with testing resources as part of a wider development team
  • Interest in collaborating with developers, business analysts, infrastructure engineers, and designers
  • Ability to work with developers to read and analyze code and provide feedback about tests
  • Knowledge of mocks and test doubles and have a solid understanding of software development best practices such as TDD, BDD, CI/CD and the Practical Test Pyramid
  • Ability to zoom out and see the big picture understanding the impact of changes on the product and its different users

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience in genomics/bioinformatics/laboratory science
  • Experience working in an Agile Environment

What to Expect

  • Within One Month
  • You’ll ramp up on your project's engineering stack by collaborating with your peers. 
  • You’ll learn Semaphore’s implementation process, code standards, key milestones, and configuration requirements.
  • You’ll become comfortable with our collaboration tools (Slack, Github, Jira, GSuite, and Confluence). 
  • You’ll learn how it all works within Semaphore: the team roles, the interactions, the metrics, the processes.

Within Three Months

  • You’ll be fully ramped up on the tech stack, tools, metrics, and you’ll be able to hold your own in a code review. 
  • You will start to engage the testing and test automation processes in development.
  • You will be involved in design discussions and reviews around feature development.
  • You will start to identify new technologies or processes which can be applied to our testing strategies.
  • You will work with leadership to identify how best to augment our current processes around testing and test automation.
  • You’ll be comfortable applying your unique technical and personal expertise gained from previous companies and projects. 
  • You'll have celebrated at least one company milestone at Semaphore, and you’ll have started contributing to company culture, feeding your own unique flavour into it.  
  • You’ll know the capabilities of your team members, trust them to get their jobs done, and provide mentorship as needed.  

Within Six Months

  • You’ll feel comfortable with the tech stack, understand the communication patterns and common pitfalls in projects, and have contributed across the entire development lifecycle. 
  • You'll have identified areas in which you’d like to grow and will have our support in doing so. 
  • You’ll be leading the testing automation process for our scrum team.
  • You’ll be assisting and providing expertise around test automation during design sessions.
  • You will start to apply technologies or processes to your work to improve efficiency or collaboration.
  • You’ll have led major decisions that drive your project forward. 
  • You’ll engage with the estimation and scoping process for new features.
  • You’ll be able to discuss feature requirements with stakeholders and make design decisions.

Beyond Six Months

  • You’ll be able to identify system interoperability, automation, and develop reusable tools or processes to inform our future feature development.  
  • You’ll have led major product and code decisions and have driven the product forward. 
  • You’ll play an active role in design sessions, team activities, and ceremonies. 
  • You’ll review requirements and upcoming work prior to development starting to ensure all work is concrete and can have testing strategies or automations applied.
  • You’ll have a solid picture of how software plays a critical role in the management of our clients' businesses.
  • You’ll take feedback from peers and identify your career path and how Semaphore fits in it. You’ll have a sense of Semaphore’s growth and feel comfortable contributing your ideas that improve your team and the overall company.

To apply for this opportunity, please complete the application on our Careers Page here:

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time

Location : Remote, Victoria, BC

Experience Level : Intermediate Level

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