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Edutainment Playbook

Edutainment Playbook

Edutainment Playbook


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Edutainment Playbook Tech

Established in 2016, Infusion Edutainment began its journey in the burgeoning virtual reality (VR) industry with a keen eye on the boundless potential of immersive technologies. The company leveraged its state-of-the-art studio to offer patrons exhilarating experiences that transcended the traditional boundaries of gaming. Over time, the studio/arcade transformed into a rich laboratory for research and development, harvesting invaluable gaming data to craft the next frontier of educational tools.

Guided by the pioneering vision of leveraging gaming dynamics for educational excellence, Edutainment Playbook Tech undertook a strategic pivot, channeling its rich repository of gaming insights into the development of an unrivaled language learning platform. Through meticulous analysis of gameplay data, the company discerned the principles of engagement, retention, and enjoyable learning, transmuting them into the cornerstone of their revolutionary language learning solution.

Today, Edutainment Playbook Tech stands as a beacon in the educational technology development space, offering a VR gamified language learning platform that is both a testimony to technological innovation and an embodiment of educational ingenuity. The company has built partnership with University of Victoria, the digital language learning lab, working together to develop this learning platform. The platform leverages the immersive nature of VR to facilitate an interactive learning environment where users can immerse themselves in realistic linguistic scenarios, fostering a natural and intuitive learning process.

Harnessing the power of VR, Edutainment Playbook Tech's platform offers users an experiential learning journey where language acquisition happens organically through real-life simulations, interactive dialogues, and contextual experiences, fostering not just language proficiency but also cultural comprehension. By gamifying the learning process, users find themselves not just learners but active players in a rich narrative that encourages consistent engagement and joyful learning.

As Edutainment Playbook Tech looks toward the future, it remains anchored to its core philosophy of transforming education through technology. The journey continues with a firm commitment to evolving and expanding its offerings, pioneering the future of learning, and ushering in a new era where education meets unbounded enjoyment and immersive exploration.

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