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BEST Rest of Your Life Coaching

BEST Rest of Your Life Coaching

Recruitment HR

Wellness workshops and coaching support for new hires, their partners and employees transitioning into new roles

I'm Sue Maitland PCC and with over 9 years as an ICF accredited professional coach and 20+ years of experience in the high-tech industry, I’m uniquely qualified to offer services to support your employees.

Wellness Workshops

The high-tech world is constantly changing and that can lead to your employees experiencing higher than average levels of stress. The COVID pandemic and working remotely has exacerbated this problem for many.

I am happy to offer VIATEC members special pricing on a 60-minute virtual Wellness Workshop that creates space for your employees to re-calibrate, share experiences and discover practical ideas to practice more self-care. They’ll leave the workshop with a feeling of increased connection with their co-workers and a commitment to at least 3 actions they will take to increase their personal wellness. You'll help your employees make wellness more of a priority and this can significantly reduce their risk of burnout. The ideal workshop size is between 5 and 20 participants.

Standard Workshop Pricing:    $250 for a single workshop

                                                 $450 for two workshops (*)

VIATEC Member Pricing:         $190 for a single workshop

                                                 $350 for two workshops (*)

(*) two workshops allow you to offer alternative days and times for your employees – some may find a lunchtime session easier to attend, others may prefer an end-of-day session.

Coaching Support for New Hires and their Partners

High-tech companies put great efforts into recruiting the right employees. The employee pool in Victoria is limited and often new employees are recruited from across Canada and around the world.

You may have a great onboarding and orientation process to welcome your new employees and help them settle in, but what if they are new to Canada and struggling to adjust to a new culture? What if they have a spouse who planned to work in Victoria and found it wasn’t as easy to find a job here as it is in other larger cities? What if your new employee and their partner find it difficult to make new friends in Victoria – how likely are they to stay with your company?

I’ve experienced many personal life and career transitions and I love living in Victoria. A key component of my coaching practice involves helping newcomers to Victoria make a smooth and successful transition. I do this through free monthly seminars, workshops to learn how to network effectively (an essential skill anywhere, but especially important in Victoria) and one-on-one coaching.

Personal Relocation Coaching Package

This package provides an opportunity for a new employee, or their partner to explore what they’re looking for from their move to Victoria and supports them to make a plan for a successful transition. This personal one-on-one support from a coach who specializes in helping professionals with life and career transitions can help ensure your employee or their partner settle happily in Victoria.

Standard Relocation Coaching Package Pricing:         $395

VIATEC Member Pricing:                                              $190

Networking for Success Workshop  

This workshop helps you overcome your aversion to networking, understand the benefits, set networking goals, design a strategy, prepare a compelling introduction, learn how to leverage on-line networking opportunities and much more.

This workshop comes with an invaluable one-on-one networking strategy call to help you refine your introduction and your networking strategy. The workshop is delivered LIVE on alternate months and can be completed as a self-directed workshop any time. This can be an especially valuable resource for partners of your new hires.

Standard LIVE Networking for Success Pricing:                       $125                                       

VIATEC Member Pricing:                                                            $90 (**)

Standard Self-Directed Networking for Success Pricing:          $100

VIATEC Member Pricing:                                                            $85 (***)

(**) Use Promo Code VIATECVIP at the Eventbrite registration page

(***) Contact me directly at to invest in the self-directed version of this workshop

Coaching Support for Employees in Transition

I spent 10 years as a resource manager in a high-tech consulting company and one of the most challenging transitions for an employee is when they are promoted to a new role and still have to work closely with, or even manage, their former peers.

Investing in a small coaching package to help them manage this transition can pay huge dividend in how quickly and successfully they are able to transition effectively into their new role. 

Standard Package of 3 Custom Coaching Sessions Pricing:    $750

VIATEC Member Pricing:                                                           $525


Wondering if these services are right for you, or your employees?

Let’s find a time to talk. Please call me at 250-217-5027 or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you.

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