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Corporate Oasis

Business Relationship Management Training

Corporate Oasis

Corporate Oasis is pleased to offer all VIATEC members a 10% discount on our Online Self-Paced BRM Professional Certification class.

As a Service Provider, maintaining and enhancing positive interactions within your organization and with your customers is key to the success of your role, your team, department, and organization. These skills can be fine-tuned through the implementation of the ‘Business Relationship Management’ (BRM) methodology and BRM training.

The ‘Business Relationship Management’ methodology will show you how to:

  • Get in front of business demand instead of responding to yesterday’s needs.
  • Tune your service capacity to match the anticipated demand from our consumers.
  • Navigate the path from ‘Service Provider / Cost Centre’ to ‘Trusted Advisor / Strategic Partner’.
  • Have our service consumers ‘sing the praises’ of our team.
  • Become advocates / ambassadors to mature struggling relationships with other business units.
  • Become more focused on common goals / outcomes and less focused on ‘managing the process’
  • Encourage our teams to create a culture of relationship management at every level, and reward successful behaviors.
  • Show teams that BRM isn’t just a job that someone else does; it’s everyone’s job.
  • Show teams how to realize the importance of ‘why we do what we do’ instead of just ‘what do we do’.
  • Build a relationship maturity roadmap with consumers which has success metrics and accountability on both sides of the table.
  • Bring other disciplines closer together and aligned to a common view of delivery (PM, BA, Architecture, QA, Service Management, etc.).

Here’s what you get:

-An online introduction to BRM and 8 modules of online lectures

-Complete presentation slides to print and take notes on

-A physical copy of the BRM Body Of Knowledge for your reference

-All fees included to one exam sitting


Convenience and Flexibility:

-Take the class when it best suits your schedule. 

-Classes are self-paced…Take the sessions when YOU want – 7/24!

-You can set your own pace for the training and pick-up anytime where you left off

-Classes are NEVER cancelled


Exam Convenience:

-The exam price is also included in the cost of the course

-You can schedule your exam anytime based on your availability

-Your exam can be taken from any location via a 'Virtual Proctor'


Focus and Comfort:

-Allows you the time to focus and concentrate on areas that are important to you

-Re-play portions of the session when and where you require additional focus


Global Interaction:

-Our classes are available worldwide - Become part of a global community of students!

-You will be eligible for a 50% discount off the price of the BRM Institute membership. 

-Join immediately before your training to help in your success!


Contact Paul Robinson at and reference Promo Code ‘VIATECBRM’ 

Additional Info

Expiration Date : 12/31/2022

Promo Code : VIATECBRM

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