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LIFT CEO Retreat 2023

LIFT CEO Retreat 2023

9/20/2023 - 9/22/2023


We invite you to a transformative experience tailored exclusively for CEOs and founders like you. The LIFT Retreat is your sanctuary for learning, reflection, and recharging – a journey designed to empower you with the insights, skills, and connections essential for leading with unparalleled excellence.

What we have lined up for you (so far):

🧙‍♂️ "MAGIC: The Art and Science of Manifesting" with Gordy Bal 🧙‍♂️

In a realm where relentless hustle can erode our mental and emotional balance, a new era of leadership beckons—one infused with the magic of synchronicity. Join us as Gordy Bal, a guiding light in this paradigm shift, leads you on a journey of engineering synchronicities to pave the way for a leadership journey that gracefully unfolds.

:brain: “The Neuroscience of Leading in Challenging Times” :brain:

Discover the art of harnessing your brain’s innate potential. Uncover practical strategies to navigate the complex landscape of today’s business world. Learn to wield stress reduction as a weapon, amplify productivity without sacrificing balance, and ignite unwavering motivation within yourself and your teams. As leaders, your understanding of the human mind will define the future of success.

:star2: “Who Are You Waiting For?” :star2:

Amidst change, your personal purpose becomes a beacon of influence. Envision the leader you aspire to be and embrace five principles that will ignite your authenticity, inspiring transformation in your organization. This interactive workshop empowers you to pioneer change from within, infusing your leadership with purpose that transcends challenges.

:bulb: BestHuman Leadership Learning Program: CEO Edition :bulb:

Join the exclusive league of top-tier CEOs in a peer-led coaching session like no other. Engage with industry-renowned Master Executive Coach, Nicole Dedeluk, and unravel leadership challenges, share wisdom, and uncover best practices. Forge bonds with fellow luminaries, cultivating a community of collective growth and shared success.

:books: “Leader’s Digest” - Unveil, Exchange, Elevate :books:

Share your favourite apps, productivity gems, must-read books, and enlightening podcasts. Each day, delve into curated discussions focused on specific categories, expanding you horizon and enriching your toolkit.

:fire: Intimate Conversations and Fireside Connections :fire:

Nurture relationships during captivating table talks over gourmet meals. Ignite inspiring dialogues around the campfire, under the stars, as the day transitions into evening. Forge bonds that span beyond business and into lifelong camaraderie.

Your dedication fuels the future of the tech sector. In a world demanding innovation, your choice to invest in learning, reflection, and recharging sets you up to be the best leader you can be.


Kate Fagan Taylor, CMC

Kate Fagan Taylor is a certified management consultant, speaker and executive coach with 25 years of experience inspiring people to lead with authenticity and freedom in times of change. Before leading a successful health data tech company start-up, Kate directed executive talent management and coaching for the BC Public Service. Previously, Kate served as a University of Victoria interfaith chaplain and directed a not-for-profit retreat centre. Currently, Kate is a board director of Island Women in Science and Technology (iWIST) and is the Principal of GrowthPoints Strategies in Victoria, BC (

Stephanie Berryman, M.A. Leadership

Stephanie Berryman established her leadership, engagement and coaching consulting business, Manage to Engage (, more than a decade ago.  As the business has expanded, she has worked to improve the engagement and leadership of more than 30 companies (both at department and enterprise level), including municipalities, universities, and crown corporations. A teacher at heart, she has a Degree in Education and a Masters Degree in Leadership, and she is currently in the process of being certified as a brain-based coach with the NeuroLeadership Institute. She teaches part-time with the UVic School of Management, Business and Technology. Stephanie has written three Amazon best-sellers including her most recent book Working Well: 12 Strategies To Manage Your Stress and Increase Your Productivity.

Nicole Dedeluk, ICF Certified Executive Coach, BestHuman (by Locelle)

With 15 years of business leadership experience, Nicole Dedeluk has held a variety of progressively senior and executive leadership roles in both operations and human resources. She has worked in a variety of industries and across the organizational spectrum, including working with several SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. Nicole is also an entrepreneur at heart. She was formerly a partner in a successful start-up company that received several awards for exponential growth. After the sale of her business, she pursued a career as an executive coach to share her passion of entrepreneurship, business excellence, and leadership growth with others. As part of BestHuman's executive coach team, Nicole has received 5 star reviews from participants and is a master executive coach. She holds an MBA, CPHR, ACC, MCEC, MCLC.

Gordy Bal, Founder and CEO, Conscious Thought Revolution

Gordy Bal is a heart-centered entrepreneur, impact investor, and visionary leader. He is the author of The New Millionaire’s Playbook, and the founder of Conscious Thought Revolution (, which consists of Venture Capital Fund and a world-class marketing agency,  which invests in entrepreneurs and organizations committed to bettering humanity. Through these organizations, Gordy has spearheaded the transformation of early startups into billion-dollar powerhouses. 

Gordy is now a sought after advisor, speaker, mentor and coach to entrepreneurs and investors. He is passionate about supporting aligned leaders in generating true abundance by stepping into their purpose and making a meaningful impact. Harnessing this commitment, Gordy has dedicated himself to creating a world where business, finance, and human consciousness seamlessly co-exist. 


Who Are You Waiting For? (Kate Fagan Taylor)

Like never before, people are feeling the need to find and create meaning as our world changes around us. But even high-performing executives can find it challenging to maintain a compelling sense of personal purpose in their work and help others do the same. In this interactive keynote workshop, executives will be invited to envision the leader they want to be, and explore five principles that enhance our power of personal authenticity to lead, inspire and transform our organizations. Participants will be invited to explore and put these principles into action throughout the retreat and beyond.

The Neuroscience of Leading in Challenging Times (Stephanie Berryman)

Your brain is hardwired to be in a state of threat and avoidance or a state of moving towards reward. The past few years have put our brains in a high-alert state of threat which has caused increased stress, decreased productivity and a lack of motivation for many people. 

In this interactive and engaging session, you’ll learn practical strategies you can use to work with the brain’s hardwiring to lead yourself and your teams through challenging times. By the end of the session, you will have tools to:

  • Reduce and manage stress;
  • Increase productivity (without putting in extra hours);
  • Increase motivation and engagement;
  • Lead through challenging and uncertain times.

In a time when our brains are experiencing more stress and demands than ever, leading with an understanding of how the brain is wired is crucial to well-being and success. 

BestHuman Leadership Learning Program (Nicole Dedeluk)

BestHuman Leadership Learning Program (powered by Locelle) brings to you a group coaching session designed exclusively for CEOs. 

Experience the power of peer-peer learning in a group coaching session led by Master Executive Coach, Nicole Dedeluk, who brings the required industry experience and coaching frameworks.

This interactive and thought-provoking session aims to provide a learning experience for you to collaborate, share experiences, solve problems and gain valuable insights to enhance your leadership skills and drive success for your businesses. This session will focus on addressing a key leadership challenge, discussing best practices, and fostering a collaborative community among Vancouver Island’s top executives.

By the end of this session, CEOs will leave with a deeper understanding of effective leadership practices for the selected topic, renewed inspiration, and a network of peers to continue learning and collaborating beyond the session.

MAGIC: The Art and Science of Manifesting (Gordy Bal)

In a world where relentless hustle often sacrifices our mental and emotional well-being, a refreshing paradigm of leadership is emerging. Join Gordy Bal as he guides participants to delve into the art of engineering synchronicities, paving the way for leadership journeys to gracefully unfold. The session warmly encourages everyone to envision leadership infused with the MAGIC process—Magnetize, Alchemize, Generate, Inspire, and Clear—enabling leaders to weave together authentic connections, intuitive decision-making, and a profound sense of well-being.

In this illuminating session, Gordy Bal will lead participants on a journey through practical strategies rooted in scientific principles. By understanding the brain's role in fostering synchronicity and leveraging the MAGIC process, leaders will not only revolutionize their leadership styles but also ignite a thriving spirit within their teams. Prepare to step into a realm where leadership embraces harmony, growth, and well-being. Get ready to uncover the profound impact that synchronicity can have on both professional paths and personal lives, guided by Gordy Bal's enthusiastic insight.


All of this will be happening at 

Poet’s Cove

on Pender Island September 20th-22nd

Poets Cove Resort & Marina, the premier luxury resort in the Southern Gulf Islands and home to the best sunset views on Pender Island. Poets Cove is the perfect escape, offering a luxury boutique retreat framed by charming Arts & Crafts architecture, lush gardens and breathtaking ocean views. 

What's included?

- 2 nights stay at Poet's Cove
- Meals during the conference
- Transportation to and from the venue
- All sessions and experiences
- Unforgettable memories

LIFT your network

…your mindset

…your skills

…your leadership

…your team


- $1500 per ticket for Non-Members
- $1200 per ticket for VIATEC Members
- $1050 per ticket for Sustaining Patron Members
- $750 per ticket for Community Builder Members

Poet's Cove Resort & Spa
9801 Spalding Rd
Pender Island, BC V0N 2M3 Canada
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9/20/2023 - 9/22/2023
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