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MarineLabs are the providers of CoastAwareTM, the world’s first Coastal Intelligence Platform. CoastAware enables weather-critical maritime operation decisions, while bringing certainty to climate-driven flood hazards. It offers subscription access to extremely high resolution real-time data with AI-driven analysis of wind, wave, and marine traffic. Our insights support high-fidelity decision-making by port operators, transport safety managers, climate resilience scientists and coastal engineers. Our rugged, LTE-connected instruments offer the highest resolution data of any technology, and can be simply bolted on to standard navigational buoys. Partnerships with government agencies enable conversion of tens of thousands of navigational aids into real-time data sites. By removing logistics and cost barriers to coastal data, while leveraging cloud-based analysis, MarineLabs data is transforming coastal mobility and building climate resilient coastlines. 


Dr. Scott Beatty

Ocean Sciences and Marine Technology
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