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$3.7M for Victoria’s Sepura Home

$3.7M for Victoria’s Sepura Home

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This local company just raised everything but the kitchen sink

Sepura Home, the creator of an under-the-sink compost disposal system, announced the completion of a $3.7 million seed round. The raise was led by fellow kitchen-focused brand, Blanco. Sepura says the cash will allow it to rapidly scale the North American market for its waste-separating device.

"[We represent] a significant step forward in sustainable living,” said Victor Nicolov, co-founder and CEO of Sepura. “With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, Sepura offers a simple and effective way to minimize waste and promote a cleaner, healthier environment. We are excited to bring consumers the sustainable solution they are seeking and work to improve how food waste impacts the environment moving forward."

Nicolov detailed to Victoria Tech Journal that he founded the company after his garburator refused to gobble up discarded potato peels. Faced with a kitchen nightmare of clogged pipes, he was driven to consider replacing the garburator entirely. What resulted is Sepura. Its hardware connects to under-the-sink plumbing and then acts as a smart composter to effectively separate 99.9 percent of solid waste that goes down the drain — yet allow liquids to flow through. The end result is a sealed and odourless container that provides a convenient and eco-friendly way to dispose of food waste.

"With this strategic investment we are proud to enable Sepura to further develop and execute their standalone business,” said Frank Gfrörer, CEO of Blanco. “We want to contribute to making the kitchen water-place in residential homes even more sustainable and consumer-friendly. We believe that Sepura's technology represents a substantial advancement in the field of food waste disposal and we are convinced that the solution provides the right answer to a pressing issue of our time."

aGfrörer is not wrong. With over three billion tons of food waste generated globally each year, the need for sustainable waste management solutions has become increasingly urgent. Sepura notes that, in response, many cities across North America have banned garburators. This regulatory and consumer shift away from traditional garbage disposals presents a significant opportunity for Sepura. Time to grab my potato peeler.

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