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Barnacle Systems Fuses Vessel and Biometric Data for Military Insights

Barnacle Systems Fuses Vessel and Biometric Data for Military Insights

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VICTORIA, BC, August 11, 2023  – As military boats become faster and more capable, the safety and well-being of the individuals onboard become vital considerations. Military personnel often navigate through high-stress environments, where split-second decisions and extreme maneuvers are part of their daily routine at sea.

To better understand the physical impact on both the boats and the bodies onboard, Barnacle Systems worked with the Canadian Armed Forces to blend human and vessel data. Using wearable biometric sensors, a Navy-supplied vessel, and Barnacle’s sensor hub, BRNKL Black, a project was created to understand how high-stress situations affect military personnel working on rigid-hulled inflatable boats (RHIBs). The project consisted of fusing data in real-time using the BRNKL Black from two key sensor networks:

- Biometric sensors: A wearable device that measures various physiological parameters, including heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature, skin moisture, and acceleration.

- Vessel networks: Onboard sensor networks including GPS (speed over ground), engine diagnostics (RPM, torque) and attitude (pitch, roll, and impact).

By overlaying real-time data from both human-worn and vessel-mounted sensors and displaying it on a single dashboard, operators and human-factors researchers can connect the experience of navigating high-speed boats to the physiological responses (ie. impact, heart rate, breathing rate) of those in command.

The BRNKL Black enables the secure collection of sensor data from all available sources and the built-in playback engine allows for the review of training exercises to shed light on stressors at different points during a mission. When paired with engine data and hull impact, operators can see the interplay between physiological responses, vessel performance, and environmental conditions to optimize operations.

“We’re proud to introduce an integration that goes beyond the boat,” said Brandon Wright, CEO of Barnacle Systems. “By providing RHIB operators with the ability to collect and measure data from both the boat and their crew, we empower them to make informed decisions, minimize risks, and enhance the safety of those on the vessel.”

Beyond its practical applications, this project opens doors for further research on how maritime and military environments affect human performance. This knowledge can lead to advancements in safety protocols, vessel specifications, and training programs tailored to the unique challenges faced by individuals onboard boats.

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Barnacle Systems Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer of security and monitoring products for boats. Barnacle has developed products that are protecting recreational, industrial, and military vessels in over 40 countries around the world. Learn more about Barnacle Systems here.

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