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Checkfront Launches New Waivers and Documents Feature

Checkfront Launches New Waivers and Documents Feature

?Checkfront, a leading provider of online cloud booking solutions, today announced a built-in waivers and documents add-on. Users can now collect and store waivers and required documents online, at the time of booking.

“Last fall, while chatting with some of our clients about their 2015 season, one question kept popping up: ‘Can you recommend a better solution for waivers?’ The question was interesting. We had multiple third-party options already integrated with Checkfront, all fairly similar, and some of these businesses had tried them all. So where were they lacking?” said Stephanie Brachat, Director of Product at Checkfront. “It quickly became clear that the real desire was for more than another integration, but rather a unified solution right within Checkfront. Something that would allow staff to fully manage and view this critical piece of operations within one application.”

Included with Plus and Enterprise level accounts, the Waivers and Documents feature brings the collection of necessary information and signatures into the booking flow, which will save time for Checkfront users and their customers, as well as improve record keeping. Users will be able to add the Waivers and Documents add-on through their Checkfront dashboard, and gain immediate access to the brand-new feature. Including flexible templates, automated reminders, easy archiving and kiosk mode, the add-on has been designed to help booking-based businesses go completely paper free, and to allow them to capture all.


Checkfront Inc is a unified booking management system to accept reservations, process payments, track customers and simplify complex pricing, seasonality and inventory requirements. With customers in over 128 countries, Checkfront has processed over $1.5 billion in online bookings (USD).

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