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Codan Communications and Locelle partner up to provide mentorship to women in tech

Codan Communications and Locelle partner up to provide mentorship to women in tech

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How to local companies have partnered up to retain and advance women in tech

They are known as an international designer and manufacturer of premium communications solutions. Wanting to bring in some profound change, develop and level out the playing field, Codan Communications and Locelle come together and start their action plan: Help advance Codan Communications’  workforce that identifies as women, with a unique mentoring program for women.

To successfully empower, grow, and assist career development created explicitly for women working within the company, Codan has partnered with Locelle to deliver the following: 

  1. Tailored 1:1 mentor matching with external mentors, with relevant experience
  2. Live leadership sessions promoting a learning environment
  3. Networking with peers with similar interests and goals

“As someone who has benefited from mentoring my entire career, I’m very excited to partner with Locelle and their unique, differentiated mentoring program for women in technology.”

Scott French (President & General Manager)

By bringing in top-tier mentors for guidance, Locelle bridges personal and professional growth to the women working within Codan Communications.  Locelle’s platform is dedicated to fostering a healthy, inclusive, and equitable work environment.

For years, many organizations have attempted to tackle gender diversity. Women continue to be vastly underrepresented at every level. For instance, for women of colour, it becomes even more challenging. Only about 1 in 5 senior leaders are women, and 1 in 25 is a woman of colour. Development isn’t just slow – it’s stalled.

Codan is actively switching this unfortunate narrative. To achieve equality, organizations must turn good intentions into concrete action plans. By designing new policies and implementing solutions that help move the needle forward, Codan is effectively taking the right steps to creating an equitable workplace.


About Codan Communications: provides communication solutions that enable their customers to be heard – to save lives ultimately, create security, and support their clients’ needs. With over 60 years in the industry, Codan Communications has earned a reputation for producing innovative and industry-leading technology solutions.

About Locelle: is a career development platform created for women at work. Through tailored 1:1 mentor matching with industry leaders for women by women and live virtual learning opportunities, Locelle delivers personal and professional growth to women at partner companies

Interested companies can book a 15 min intro call with Humaira Ahmed, CEO, Locelle to learn how they can deliver personal and professional growth to women at work:

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