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Consumer call trends during COVID-19 are different than you may think

Consumer call trends during COVID-19 are different than you may think

There’s no doubt that the recent pandemic has changed the way people are working, living, and buying. RingPartner analyzed thousands of calls in March 2020 and uncovered surprising insights into consumer call behaviour during COVID-19.

While consumers adjust to life at home, they have been calling in for services outside of the norm.

  • Calls for Internet Service Providers are up 186%. Whether it’s binge watching the latest Netflix hit with friends, or hopping on video calls while working from home, people are setting themselves up with the tools they need most to connect online. 
  • Biohazard Cleanup services saw a 206% increase as people up their cleaning efforts to ensure the safety of their customers, co-workers, and loved ones.
  • The amount of consumers calling for Recycling Centers is up 204%. With the majority of the population staying indoors, people are taking time to tackle decluttering projects and home improvements.
  • Wildlife Removal call times are up a whopping 303% as compared to the beginning of the month. It seems that the extra time indoors has also led to people finding some unwanted guests in their homes. 

From working remotely to moving social events online, consumers are adapting to new ways of living amongst global health concerns. These are just some examples of services that consumers are reaching out to during these uncertain times. 

To find out more about a-typical services consumers are calling for, you can access the full report here: RingPartner COVID-19 Consumer Call Trends Report. 

Click here to read the full report.

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