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Delta-X Research Named 2019 Company of the Year for Asset Management Solution Providers

Delta-X Research Named 2019 Company of the Year for Asset Management Solution Providers

Delta-X Research Named 2019 Company of the Year for Asset Management Solution Providers

(Victoria, BC – March 11, 2019) – Delta-X Research has been named the number one Asset Management Solution Provider of 2019 by Utilities Tech Outlook Magazine. This Company of the Year award is part of the Magazine’s annual compilation of the Top 10 Asset Management Solution Providers.

Delta-X Research offers market leading software for managing and interpreting test and monitor data for high-voltage equipment such as the large power transformers found in electrical substations. In particular, the company provides expert analysis of insulating fluid test data, including dissolved gas analysis, that can indicate if equipment is experiencing a fault or requires other maintenance.

By automatically processing both online monitor data and offline test data using advanced analytics, the company provides accurate and timely insights into the health of the utility’s critical assets, so customers can confidently optimize maintenance and allocate capital budgets to increase reliability, improve safety, and maximize return on investment.

Delta-X Research’s main product, TOA4, is used by over half of the largest utilities in the USA and Canada. It was recently updated with an innovative new interpretation method called Reliability-based Dissolved Gas Analysis, which identifies and assesses at-risk power transformers by correlating fault gas production with transformer failures. Reliability-based DGA offers a level of assessment far exceeding conventional methods of dissolved gas analysis for transformers. This new approach and the exceptional results when applied at a large utility is what captured the attention of Utilities Tech Outlook staff.

“We are excited and grateful to have our company acknowledged in this way,” says John Brett, President & CEO of Delta-X Research. “Our customers tell us that Reliability-based DGA, combined with some of the other analytics we’ve developed, represents one of the major advancements in the area of DGA analysis that they have recently seen. After investigation, our customers confirmed fewer false negatives and fewer false positives using Reliability-based DGA, and each one of those avoided errors has saved our customers from financial losses, power outages, and, most importantly, a potentially dangerous catastrophic failure occurring without warning.”

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About Delta-X Research: Founded in 1992, Delta-X Research creates diagnostic software for assessing and tracking the condition of high voltage apparatus, including transformers. Its innovative and advanced analytics help companies manage risk, reduce system losses, improve reliability and maximize return on investment of their high-value assets.


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