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Digital Technology Supercluster Invests $60 Million to Fight COVID-19

Digital Technology Supercluster Invests $60 Million to Fight COVID-19


April 21, 2020

Need to Know

  • Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster has announced it is committing $60 million towards the fight against COVID-19.
  • The Supercluster consists of a network of over 500 organizations across Canada.
  • Projects include using AI to find an existing medication that could treat the virus and e-grocery shopping solutions to support vulnerable communities.


Canada’s Digital Technology Supercluster has announced it will be investing $60 million into delivering solutions to health and safety problems caused by COVID-19. 

The Supercluster, a network of over 500 organizations in a wide range of sectors, have joined together to submit over 300 ideas and proposals to address COVID-19 issues.

“Canadian businesses are answering the call to pull together and drive hard with solutions that will help us through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are deeply grateful to the hundreds of organizations that are answering this call, showing the world what a united ‘Team Canada’ can do,” said Sue Paish, CEO of the Digital Technology Supercluster. “Through innovation, Canadians will create and deliver leading technologies to overcome issues created by COVID-19 and to position us well to rebuild our economy in the future.”

The Supercluster is currently moving forward with four projects that will contribute to the health and safety of Canadians amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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