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Employment Equity Partners' Roundtable

Employment Equity Partners' Roundtable

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“Beyond Culture: Bridging Gaps in Accessibility, Equity & Inclusion”

Equity Partners' Roundtable The Inclusion Project (TIP) and CBC/Radio-Canada are pleased to announce their partnership on the 3"" annual Employment Equity Partners' Roundtable, on the theme, "Beyond Culture: Bridging gaps in accessibility, equity and inclusion". 

The 2023 Employment Equity Partners' Roundtable will hold as regional conversations in K'emK'emeláy (Vancouver), British Columbia and Taronto (Toronto), Ontario, on May 9th and June 8th'. Discussions will focus on transcending cultural norms and challenging predominant narratives to advance accessibility and inclusion within Canadian workplaces and institutions. Outcomes will help employers and decision makers better understand opportunities for engaging talents from different equity-deserving groups, as well as contribute toward a national framework for employment equity in Canada.

*In the wake of the global pandemic and its impact on employment and workplace practices, we have seen an increase in interest from Canadians and top institutions in engaging on collaborative efforts for charting a pathway for employment equity. We are pleased to take a community- informed and industry-focused approach to knowledge co-creation, as we work toward a shared framework for employment equity in Canada", says Ruth Mojeed Ramirez, Chief Equity Officer of The Inclusion Project, The annual Employment Equity Partners' Roundtable provides a shared platform for community leaders, researchers, business leaders and policymakers across Canada to engage in a strategic solutions-focused dialogue on advancing equitable practices in Canada. This year's events will build on insights from the inaugural event in 2021, on the theme, "Data-driven Solutions to Employment Equity", and the 2022 event, on the theme, "Partnership for an Inclusive Future*, with support from regional partners, Simon Fraser University (Vancouver) and the Aga Khan Museum (Toronto).

"As the public broadcaster, we strive to reflect the range and richness of this country's diversity. That means ensuring our workforce is reflective of Canada, too. We're proud to be part of these conversations on advancing equity and inclusion within Canadian institutions", says Catherine Tait, Chief Executive Officer of CBC/Radio-Canada.

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