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Fintech Peloton Technologies launches self-serve currency exchange

Fintech Peloton Technologies launches self-serve currency exchange

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New capability lets business owners better manage FX rates and increase the speed and ease of their cross-border transactions

VICTORIA, BC, May 30, 2024 /CNW/ - Peloton Technologies, a Canadian fintech that brings end-to-end payments services to Canadian businesses, today announced the launch of Self-Serve Currency Exchange. This new capability allows businesses to independently manage currency exchange from their own devices, streamlining cross-border commerce.

"Self-Serve Currency Exchange means a business owner can keep track of FX rates in real time, complete cross-border transactions seamlessly, and quicken the pace of their business transactions," said Craig Attiwill, Founder and CEO of Peloton Technologies. "For more than a decade, Peloton has been focused on breaking down every barrier a business owner faces when it comes to their payment experience so they can better serve their customers. This is another great example."

Peloton's Self-Serve Currency Exchange demonstrates how bank and fintech partnerships can empower Canadian businesses. With access to the APIs of one of Canada's largest and most reputable financial institutions, Peloton was able to innovate on a traditional service offering. The result is a progressive new service grounded in the safety and soundness that Canadian banks are known for.

Peloton has long provided businesses with currency exchange to support their business transactions, whether making an international supplier payment, transferring funds to a foreign bank account, or simply converting CAD and USD to support operations.

The new Self-Serve Currency Exchange capability lets business owners manage all of these transactions independently from their own devices. With that, business owners can make fewer trips to the bank, monitor foreign exchange rates in real-time, keep their costs down and act on international purchases and sales much more easily, increasing the speed of commerce.

Self-Serve Currency Exchange is a much-anticipated feature for Peloton clients who transact in international markets.

"We are exporting to 30 countries and have been looking forward to this release from Peloton for some time," said Fabian Wolk, CEO of climate technology manufacturer Rockland Scientific. "Self-serve currency exchange will certainly enable a smoother flow of our cross-border transactions, and Peloton's highly competitive rates will also reduce our exchange rate costs. This is a win for small businesses with a global footprint."

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About Peloton

At Peloton Technologies, our mission is to make all payments simple and efficient. We're making that happen through the development of our complete commerce solution. We believe organizations should be free to spend more time on what they set out to do and less time handling payments. With a decade of R&D and real-world application, Peloton Technologies is the leading Canadian finTech providing small to medium businesses with access to the global market. For more information, visit

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