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Five elected to VIATEC’s board of directors

Five elected to VIATEC’s board of directors


Meet the newly minted members tasked with supporting Victoria’s tech community

Last summer, we told you that VIATEC was seeking nominations for its newest cohort of board members. To tell that story, we caught up with a quartet of current board members who could shed light on what the role meant to them. At VIATEC’s AGM last month, five more were elected to join them. Let’s get to know the crop of fresh and familiar faces that are set to help shepherd the organization.

These interviews have been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

Corey Scholefield, senior technical product manager, Workday

Scholefield is currently working in the area of System Reliability Engineering for private and public cloud IT infrastructure teams. His role includes stakeholder engagement, project management, backlog refinement, and technical support. Corey has a background in public-sector identity-management, having spent over 15 years working in higher-education, with positions at both UVic and BCNET.

Why did you want to join VIATEC’s board? I’ve been part of the VIATEC community for quite some time as an IT professional in Victoria for many years. I heard about an opportunity to run for a board seat from Dan Gunn, and interviewed him on what’s involved in their support for VIATEC and the community. I decided to toss my hat into the ring and see what happened.

What are you most excited about as a newly-elected VIATEC board member? I’m a big fan of life-long learning and learning by doing. The opportunity to join the board of directors provides a unique opportunity to learn how governance and decision-making processes support the ongoing enrichment of our IT community. I’m bringing core strengths and experience in community-building to it, so I’m excited to see how I can share these experiences within our IT community.

How do you aim to impact Victoria’s tech community in the role? I’m very interested in how VIATEC programs plug in to the community at large. For example, the VIATEC Foundation supports programs that address needs in the broader community. In the past year, Workday participated in the first phase of the 2023 VIATEC Foundation Foodbank Challenge, which supports our local Mustard Seed Foodbank. Funds raised came in at a great time of need for the Mustard Seed, and I’m looking forward to the next phase of this challenge, set to spin up in the fall. I’ll aim to encourage even more VIATEC members to contribute to this campaign, and other programs that VIATEC supports!

Darin Herle, co-founder and CEO at Cosmogence

Herle is a long-time VIATEC member and supporter, and has been an active participant in Victoria's technology community for more than 20 years. He's held senior leadership roles at Latitude Geographics/VertiGIS, Trackmeet, OfficeSpace Software, AOT, and Cosmogence. In a volunteer capacity and board member, he's worked with the ICA, UVic, and Scouts Canada.

Why did you want to join VIATEC’s board? I've been peripherally involved with VIATEC for over 20 years, running roundtables and attending or organizing events. I thought I'd make things a bit more official.

What are you most excited about as a newly-elected VIATEC board member? From an excitement perspective, probably just the energy anyone new brings to an organization that's been around for some time. It's new blood that helps invigorate organizations (not that VIATEC is a slouch!) I'm looking forward to bringing that. I like to ask questions around sacred cows, like “explain to me again why we're doing that?”

How do you aim to impact Victoria’s tech community in the role? I network a lot. I'm keen to hear what members of the VIATEC community (and Victoria more broadly) feel it’s getting right and where it can improve. I have that "outside" perspective that those in the thick of organizational management have less access to.

Glynnis Vaughan, director of partnerships and engagement, Alacrity Canada

Vaughan recently joined Alacrity, which stewards business owners through training programs. Previously, she served as the national program manager for the Women's Equity Lab and established operational and strategic engagement efforts to raise the visibility of female-led angel investment groups across North America. Glynnis spent most of her career in California and served as a political appointee at the local, state, and federal levels of the government.

Why did you want to join VIATEC’s board? This was a natural step for me to pursue, given my past experience working in the local angel investment industry and meeting with tech founders from Canada. It was important to me in my professional development to join a board that was recognized nationally for its work promoting and enhancing the development of the local tech industry and attracting companies and top talent to the region. Joining this board provides me with access to an incredible network here in Victoria and the chance to directly support our local entrepreneurs, and hopefully develop new friendships along the way.

What are you most excited about as a newly-elected VIATEC board member? I'm very excited to tap into the diversity of the newly-elected board and now work alongside some of our region's exceptional leaders to help expand our membership, raise awareness about our programs, and strengthen the relationships between academia, founders, investors and the greater community here in Victoria.

How do you aim to impact Victoria’s tech community in the role? I first learned of VIATEC when I relocated to Victoria from California a few years ago, and was grateful for the support I received from their members in making introductions and making me feel part of the community. My goal is to continue to welcome individuals to our tech community and support and develop programs that help individuals launch their companies and scale successfully.

Jennifer Hartfield, senior VP of corporate data and operations, BCI

Hartfield delivers centralized, corporate business services including data and analytics solutions, corporate business planning, and facilities managing across BCI’s global offices. Previously, Jennifer led BCI’s Enterprise Project Management and Transformation Office. Prior to joining BCI, Jennifer spent sixteen years in various capacities within technology. Starting out as a software developer, she transitioned into project and program management, specializing in human resource and financial systems.

Why did you want to join VIATEC’s board? I've lived in Victoria since 2012, but over the past two years my involvement with Island Women in Science and Technology (iWIST), Women’s Equity Lab (WEL), and VIATEC opened my eyes to the vibrant and exciting tech community here. For me, serving on the VIATEC board is a way of contributing to that.

What are you most excited about as a newly-elected VIATEC board member? Out of the gate, I'm excited about getting to know the other board members. Many of them have served for a number of years and I expect to learn a lot from them, while at the same time bringing my own experience to the table.

How do you aim to impact Victoria’s tech community in the role? I believe strongly in the power of networking and connecting people in synergistic ways. I hope that my involvement in VIATEC expands the network and reach of the existing community.

Rob Cooper, founder, PlusROI Online Marketing and What Works Marketing

Cooper has been running PlusROI Online Marketing since 2007. In 2022, he launched a second thriving agency in What Works Marketing, which was based on the concept he developed in VIATEC’s VAP program. He has presented on digital marketing nationally and internationally, and his company has been acknowledged by Google as being in the top three percent of agencies in the country.

Why did you want to join VIATEC’s board? I've been an active member of VIATEC since 2008 and I really missed it during the pandemic (I was previously a board member from 2013 to 2019). I wanted to get back out and get fully engaged with the VIATEC community again.

What are you most excited about as a newly-elected VIATEC board member? I'm most excited about seeing the organization and overall tech community grow and mature. It's been amazing to watch what happened in the last decade in terms of how far both have come on multiple fronts.

How do you aim to impact Victoria’s tech community in the role? My personal hope is to get involved in helping prospective or new members feel welcomed and engaged in the organization and community.

Meet the whole ensemble

This quintet is joined by a host of other movers and shakers:

  • Armon Arani, Cognito Health (Returning)
  • Jim Balcom, Redlen Technologies (Re-Elected)
  • Darren Beckwith, Barnacle Systems (Returning)
  • Maria Davidson, Udutu Online Learning Solutions (Re-Elected)
  • Scott Dewis, Avato (Returning)
  • Christina Jones, RaceRocks 3D (Returning)
  • Corina Ludwig, (Returning)
  • Casey Milone, Generative Marketing (Returning)
  • Brad Williams, theFinanceStack (Returning)

“VIATEC has been fortunate to have a wide variety of high-quality members from our community come forward to serve on our board”, said Dan Gunn, VIATEC’s CEO. “We have seen the level of board engagement hit an all-time high in recent years and we look forward to continuing that momentum with our returning and new board members. Thank you to Robert Bowness, Sachen Macdonald, Scott Phillips, Scott Roberts, and Rasool Rayani for their time with us. Their contribution and participation go a long way towards helping us achieve our lofty mission to cultivate the most cohesive tech community in the world.”

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