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Go2mobi Wins Fourth Consecutive VIATEC Award, Named 2016 Technology Company of the Year

Go2mobi Wins Fourth Consecutive VIATEC Award, Named 2016 Technology Company of the Year

Mobile audience targeting platform Go2mobi is batting a thousand when it comes to awards, winning its fourth Viatec Award in four years. On Friday, Go2mobi won “Technology Company of the Year” honours in front of a sold out crowd of British Columbia’s best and brightest tech minds.

'We have always been about helping our clients communicate 1-1 with their ideal customers...we're thrilled to be able to innovate in this space.'


The 2016 Technology Company of the Year Award won by Go2mobi represents the fourth consecutive Viatec win for the fast-growing mobile advertising platform and caps off an amazing run of accolades starting in 2013 by winning Startup of the Year, followed by 2014’s Product of the Year win, followed by 2015’s Emerging Company of the Year nod. The Viatec Awards celebrate the achievements of technology companies responsible for making Greater Victoria the fastest growing technology region in British Columbia.

Go2mobi founder Tom Desaulniers says, “It’s very encouraging the way these awards help us celebrate our journey from our early days as a startup platform, though to our emergence as a leader in the global mobile advertising space.”

2015-16 marked a pivotal year in Go2mobi’s history. During this period they inked a partnership withHIG Growth Partners, a leading global private equity firm in order to expand internationally and to hire aggressively in Sales and Technology. Go2mobi also rebranded this year, and continued to hone its offering to brands and agencies. 2015 marked Go2mobi’s creation of a Data Management Platform (DMP) that allows them to target specific audience demographics. In 2016, Go2mobi built outMomentMatch, a technology that allows them to target those specific audience profiles in real-time, real-world moments with dynamic creative, helping to deliver the most relevant and receptive ad experiences for their advertisers. Desaulniers comments, 'Go2mobi has always been focused on helping our clients communicate 1-1 with their ideal customers. The mobile medium allows for this kind of hyper-targeted, fully relevant advertising better than any other, so we’re thrilled to be able to help innovate in this space.”

With four major tech awards in four years, Viatec seems to find Go2mobi’s story of ambition and growth to be a compelling one. They’re not alone. Go2mobi has grown in both staff and revenue by almost double year after year. Their brand presence and market share in the performance marketingsector continues to grow, while they are rapidly gaining significant traction among brands and agencies in the managed advertising services portion of their business. Says Desaulniers, “It’s always nice to be recognized for your achievements, and especially nice when the whole team can share in the celebration. They’ve definitely earned it.”


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