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GoChip and Ocean AID: Pioneering Startups on Douglas Magazine's "10 to Watch" List

GoChip and Ocean AID: Pioneering Startups on Douglas Magazine's "10 to Watch" List

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Principal Alexander von Kaldenberg. Photo Supplied By: Gochip

GoChip: Revolutionizing Pet Identification and Care

GoChip Pet Technology, founded in 2022 by Alexander von Kaldenberg, arose from a simple yet profound question: how can technology help in finding and identifying lost pets? The solution—GoChip—features a suite of technologies including implantable microchips, collar-worn tags, and advanced scanning systems. This integrated approach not only helps locate lost pets but also monitors their health, logs their movements, and collects data crucial for tracking public health issues such as rabies outbreaks or conditions in breeding facilities.

This innovative digital ID system serves as a "digital passport" for pets, integrating various stakeholders in an animal's life—vets, groomers, dog walkers, breeders, and even municipal bodies—into a cohesive network. The technology is designed to be open source, ensuring it is accessible and affordable, aligning with Von Kaldenberg's vision of healthy animals contributing to healthy communities. GoChip's ongoing pilot projects in major cities across India, Indonesia, and soon, China, position it at the forefront of the rapidly growing pet care markets in these regions.

From left, Archit Kumar and Andrew Polanyi. Photo By: Jeffrey Bosdet.

Ocean AID: Advancing Marine Conservation Through Technology

Ocean AID, co-founded by Andrew Polanyi and Archit Kumar in 2023, marries sonar technology with artificial intelligence to address the global challenge of ocean debris. Specifically, the startup focuses on detecting and retrieving ghost gear—lost or discarded fishing equipment that poses severe risks to marine life. Polanyi's personal experiences, from fishing in northern Vancouver Island to his professional training in software engineering, fueled his and Kumar's commitment to enhancing marine ecosystems' health.

The proprietary technology developed by Ocean AID dramatically speeds up the process of locating and removing ghost gear, making these operations more efficient and cost-effective. Recognized for its innovative approach, Ocean AID has already garnered significant attention, securing partnerships with environmental groups and Indigenous communities, and laying the groundwork for future collaborations with industrial sonar companies.

Impact and Future Prospects

The recognition of GoChip and Ocean AID by Douglas Magazine underscores the critical role of innovative technologies in solving real-world problems. These startups not only reflect a deep understanding of the issues at hand but also demonstrate a commitment to developing practical, scalable solutions. As they continue to expand and evolve, GoChip and Ocean AID are not just companies to watch but are also setting new standards in their fields, promising a future where technology and ethical considerations go hand in hand to improve our world.

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