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Is AI here to help? Inqli says yes.

Is AI here to help? Inqli says yes.

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AI is here to help knowledge sharing at work, says Inqli

Remember the “ask three before me” strategy from your school days? To save your teachers from banging their heads against the wall, you were meant to ask three classmates your question before you asked your teacher. Well, it turns out that strategy doesn’t work so well when it comes to the office.

Fortune 500 companies reportedly lose a combined $31 billion per year because employees are failing to share their workplace learnings. Victoria-based Inqli claims that workers are searching for information or people who can help them. The company also says that they’ve got the tech to solve it.

Inqli recently launched an AI-powered social knowledge-sharing platform, designed from the ground up to foster both productivity and employee well-being through human knowledge-sharing at work.

"Our platform is the embodiment of our vision for a workplace where technology serves as a conduit for improved productivity through human connection, energy, and well-being, rather than a source of distraction, stress, and isolation," said Rebecca Kirstein Resch, founder and CEO of Inqli.

The launch follows a successful $1.3 million capital raise in 2023 led by James Lochrie at Thin Air Labs.

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