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Jim Balcom’s Impact: Steering Redlen to Global Heights

Jim Balcom’s Impact: Steering Redlen to Global Heights

VIATEC Technology Sector

Reflecting on the Visionary Leadership of Redlen’s Recently Retired COO with VIATEC’s Support

We’re excited to shine a spotlight on Jim Balcom, recently retired COO of Redlen Technologies, who recently shared some key updates and insights with VIATEC.

About Redlen Technologies

Redlen Technologies is a leading innovator in the tech industry, specializing in advanced semiconductor materials. Acquired by Canon in 2021, Redlen continues to push the boundaries of technology. Despite their growth, they remain deeply rooted in Victoria’s vibrant tech community.

Redlen’s Leadership and Achievements

Redlen plans to expand their team by hiring another 30+ people and is looking for a second office location to accommodate their growing needs.

Jim emphasized the critical role VIATEC has played in their success over the last 10 years, particularly in hiring and gaining visibility. This strong partnership underscores the importance of community support in achieving tech excellence.

The Bigger Picture for Victoria’s Tech Community

Redlen’s story is a testament to the strength and potential of Victoria’s tech sector. As a large-scale tech company acquired by Canon, Redlen showcases the significant impact that local companies can achieve on the global stage. VIATEC’s support in helping them hire and get noticed highlights the importance of a strong tech ecosystem.

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