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Local Solopreneur Bootstraps App To Million Dollar Mark

Local Solopreneur Bootstraps App To Million Dollar Mark

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If you’ve ever endured a panic attack, you know how debilitating they can be.

Victoria’s Rootd wants to change that. The app helps users to manage their anxiety and panic attacks on their terms, as they happen.

Think of Rootd as anxiety and panic attack relief in your pocket.

The app blends engaging design with therapist-approved lessons and exercises to help users find immediate and long term relief from anxiety and panic attacks.

Popular podcast My First Million highlighted Rootd today after meeting founder Ania Wysocka in Vancouver last week.

My First Million’s Sam Parr was intrigued by Wysocka’s story once she revealed to him that she was a first-time-entrepreneur and just made her first million dollars.

Wysocka told Parr that her bootstrapped app has broken the 2 million download mark in the App Store with less than 5% of those downloads coming from paid marketing campaigns.

Parr confirmed on his podcast that Rootd is indeed the #1 ranked mobile app for panic attack and anxiety relief with a 4.8/5 rating across 49,000+ reviews on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Entrepreneur turned podcaster Parr was most impressed with the fact that Wysocka is a solopreneur with no employees other than contractors.

In a startup profile two short years ago Wysoka told Techcouver that the name “Rootd” comes from the idea of being rooted in the ground like a giant tree.

“Giant trees may sway in wind and storms, but their roots run deep and it takes a lot to topple them over—just like it takes a lot to “topple over” someone who’s grounded. I wish roots like these for all Rootd users,” said Wyocka.

Rootd picked up two awards and $20,000 in Innovate BC’s 2021 New Ventures BC Competition.

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