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Locelle Rebrands to BestHuman: Welcome to the Human Era of Workplaces

Locelle Rebrands to BestHuman: Welcome to the Human Era of Workplaces

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leadership Entrepreneurship Re-Brand

Locelle, an advocate of equitable workplaces and a supporter of women in tech, unveils a noteworthy transformation as it rebrands to "BestHuman," reaffirming its dedication to nurturing inclusive, diverse, and empowering workspaces


Victoria, BC - October 24, 2023 - Locelle, a leading advocate for equitable workplaces and champion of women in tech, is thrilled to announce a significant transformation. The company is rebranding itself as "BestHuman," reflecting a renewed commitment to creating inclusive, diverse and empowering work environments.                        

Locelle's journey began over five years ago in 2018 with a mission to foster equitable workplaces, primarily focusing on supporting women in technology and advancing a more inclusive workforce. The company's evolution has been marked by several significant milestones: 

Networking App Launch: Locelle introduced a groundbreaking networking app in 2019 that provided a safe, secure, and supportive space for thousands of women in the tech industry to connect, share guidance, build a strong community, and form invaluable connections. It grew quickly to connect over 3,000+ women in the tech industry.                        

Successful Mentoring Program: During the challenges posed by the global pandemic, Locelle launched a highly successful mentoring program to support women in the tech industry. This initiative paired women at various stages of their tech careers with career mentors and industry leaders, resulting in concrete outcomes such as promotions, salary increases, newfound career clarity, and the confidence to take on leadership roles. Since its inception, the platform has facilitated over 2,500 hours of mentorship. 

Throughout this journey, Locelle has gathered essential insights from over 3,000 mentoring sessions into creating equitable workplaces, which include:                        
  • Recognizing that achieving workplace equality and equity necessitates active participation from half the workforce, particularly those in leadership positions.                             
  • Understanding that mentoring and support for underrepresented groups is crucial, but genuine progress depends on transformation in leadership.                             
  • Acknowledging that access to learning and development must be available to all who seek it.                             
  • Emphasizing that human-centered learning remains crucial in a rapidly changing work landscape, especially in the era of artificial intelligence (AI).                             
  • Underscoring that achieving better workplaces requires sustained behavioral change over time.                                

With these invaluable lessons in mind, Locelle is taking the next significant step in its mission to create more equitable workplaces. The company's platform has evolved to support all individuals while still maintaining safe spaces for women and underrepresented groups.

Evolved Brand and Bigger Philosophy: The company is excited to introduce its new identity, "BestHuman," marking its transformation into a learning and development platform offering coaching and mentoring based learning programs. BestHuman is dedicated to empowering high-potential individuals, managers, and executives to become the best leaders they can be through the power of group learning.                        

The mission has evolved, and to maximize its impact in fostering equitable workplaces, BestHuman is turning its hard-earned insights into meaningful action.

Join BestHuman to learn more about its transformative journey on November 2nd at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST.

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For media inquiries or additional information, please contact: 

Humaira Ahmed

Founder and CEO,

Locelle Digital Inc.



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Media Contact : Humaira Ahmed,

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