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NEW VIDEO: How LlamaZOO's Tech Brings Clarity to Complex Data

NEW VIDEO: How LlamaZOO's Tech Brings Clarity to Complex Data

LlamaZOO Interactive’s mission is to be the world’s number-one spatial data and digital twinning solution for the natural resource sector. And we’re excited to say we’re well on our way to achieving our goals, thanks to a growing number of industry partners, plus what we think is some pretty sweet tech we want everyone to know about.

Watch this video and see just how LlamaZOO helps different industries including mining, oil and gas, and forestry (and veterinarians as well!) to quickly implement innovation and take advantage of the disruptive benefits of AR/VR:

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Game Industry DNA

LlamaZOO’s game-industry DNA helps us design immersive, powerful and practical solutions aimed at a generation of workers who, as digital natives, have grown up with video games, pocket supercomputers and constant Internet connectivity.

Ultimately, our solutions are aimed at breaking down communication barriers to enable knowledge transfer to happen quickly and seamlessly.

LlamaZOO’s Suite of AR/VR solutions includes:

MineLife VR

Engineers, geologists, and executives can utilize MineLife VR to communicate from one centralized data source. This common and easily accessible dataset unlocks new perspectives, quickly surfaces potential issues, and speeds up plan iteration. MineLife VR software platform fuses complex geospatial and mine planning data into an interactive, 1:1 scale virtual reality replica of the planned, current, and future states of a mine site. Using MineLife VR, stakeholders get a 10,000 ft. view of the mine site.

By integrating GPS and sensor reporting into MineLife, management can be given a 3D dashboard of where operators and machinery are located at any given time, as well as any other meaningful data represented on a per unit basis. This provides complete visibility at any time, unlocking just-in-time adjustments based on changing conditions.

Clarity 3D

LlamaZOO developed the Clarity 3D platform for facility and equipment digital twinning. This platform enables users to visualize the digital twin’s real-time and historic data, drill-down for detailed information on any part, machine, or process, and provide immersive cost-saving training at a boots on the ground level.

OCC 3D (Operational Command and Control 3D)

OCC 3D (Operational Command and Control) is a live operations 3D digital twinning platform, that provides centralized real-time tracking of equipment, assets, and vehicle positioning, health, and productivity, as well as planned vs. actual dig progress from 1000 ft. perspective-view. Thanks to data collection, management and presentation, operational decisions can be made remotely, and more quickly.

Forest Ops VR

Forestry companies use Forest Ops VR to better understand the topographic challenges when planning timber harvesting. By using virtual reality (VR) to understand topography, forest companies can design cut blocks, approaches and access roads more efficiently than in the past. Forestry Ops VR also improves training, increases workplace safety and facilitates engagement with local stakeholders.

Forest Operations VR does all this by integrating data from a variety of sources, including GIS, satellite and aerial imagery and LiDAR of a proposed forestry license into a 1:1 scale common operating picture  of the site with accurates tree placement and height . By using Forest Ops VR, timber harvesters and local communities can see how a proposed forestry operation might look post harvest, creating the opportunity to adjust plans ahead of time.


Trusted by students, educators, and professionals in over 120 countries, LlamaZOO’s EasyAnatomy allows users to experience anatomy of living creatures. Its virtual dissection features lets users explore and dissect outside the lab. Moreover, one can peel away layers, hide components, isolate regions, and visualize the spatial relationship between anatomical structures.


JetsonVR is used by veterinary schools and students as a supplement to canine cadaver dissection. Where cadavers are expensive, can only be dissected once, and come with a plethora of health and ethical concerns – JestonVR is available on-demand, maintains medical-accuracy by being built from MRI & CT scans, and can be explored and reset infinitely.

About LlamaZOO

At LlamaZOO everything we do is about helping clarify the complex, enabling stakeholders to make meaningful and impactful decisions through visually stunning communication tools.

Our mission is to change the way the world sees data. We just happen to develop leading AR/VR/MR technologies to achieve this.

LlamaZOO are award-winning developers of interactive 3D visualization, digital twin, and mixed reality solutions, with offices in Victoria and Vancouver, BC.

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Nevin Thompson
LlamaZOO Interactive

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