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Plaques, Prototypes, and Proud Moments at MarineLabs

Plaques, Prototypes, and Proud Moments at MarineLabs

VIATEC Ocean Sciences and Marine Technology

Celebrating Innovation and Community with MarineLabs' Scott Beatty

Scott Beatty, CEO, MarineLabs with his "Proud Member" plaque.

We’re excited to celebrate Scott Beatty, CEO of MarineLabs, who recently received a special "Proud Member" plaque from VIATEC during a visit by our CEO, Dan Gunn.

About MarineLabs

MarineLabs is at the forefront of ocean data solutions, developing cutting-edge technology to collect, analyze, and share real-time data from the world's oceans. Their innovative approach is transforming marine monitoring and providing valuable insights for environmental protection, maritime safety, and more.

Scott Beatty’s Leadership and Achievements

Scott emphasized the benefits of the Innovate Solution Canada program (formerly BCIP) for MarineLabs and expressed appreciation for VIATEC’s support in their success. He also greatly benefited from VIATEC’s Venture Acceleration Program, which has been instrumental in scaling MarineLabs.

The Bigger Picture for Startup Founders

MarineLabs’ story is a testament to the impact of VIATEC membership. The Venture Acceleration Program helps technology companies accelerate the process of defining a proven business model for sustained profitability and effectively grow their business. Supported by PacificCan and InnovateBC, this low-cost, structured venture development service is designed to guide, coach, and grow ambitious early-stage technology entrepreneurs. Delivered by a team of Executives in Residence (EIR) and supported by a province-wide network of mentors, this program is a game-changer for startups.

Scott's Journey with VIATEC

Before VIATEC: Scott, with a PhD and a strong thesis, needed help finding diverse revenue sources for Marine Labs.

After VIATEC: After joining VIATEC, Scott secured critical contacts and received targeted business coaching, positioning Marine Labs for significant growth.

Want to learn more about VIATEC's programs? Join the VIATEC crew over lunch at our next event - Intro to VIATEC 101.

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