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SendtoNews Delivers “Reliving Sports” Content to Publishers

SendtoNews Delivers “Reliving Sports” Content to Publishers

Continuing in its industry-leading service to publishers, SendtoNews (STN) is delivering a curated, custom selection of the best moments in sports, featuring championship runs, unforgettable plays and key moments that will help keep fans engaged.

With more users online and engaged than ever, STN’s custom “Reliving Sports” videos give publishers an innovative way to deliver sports content to their readers from premium providers like the NBA, MLB, NFL, PGA Tour and more. Publishers can now let Nationals fans relive the entire 2019 season, Cubs fans look back at their first World Series win in 109 years from 2016 and Raptors fans revisit their first-ever NBA championship. And with great highlights like Michael Jordan’s career high game or the 10 greatest rookie seasons in NFL History, fans can get their sports fix until their favorite team is back in action.

“We are thrilled to provide publishers a unique way to engage their users and give them an escape or at least a happy distraction during a hiatus in the regular sports season, all while maintaining a reliable source of monetization,” says SendtoNews CEO Matthew Watson. “Everything we do at STN is aimed at helping publishers deliver the best possible experience to their audience by keeping them engaged and excited with the content from the teams they love and moments they can never forget.”

STN’s “Reliving Sports” content can be leveraged to create a series of articles for publishers  featuring top moments, retrospectives, individual games for playoff runs, profiles on featured players, and more, offering readers engaging content while allowing them to keep an emotional connection to their favorite team.

“Reliving Sports” is just a taste of STN’s extensive content library, which boasts over 600,000 premium videos and ingests thousands more every day from the world of news, business, sports, lifestyle, technology, health, food, to name a few. With content from Associated Press, Bloomberg, Bon Appetit, Rolling Stone, MLB, Variety, NFL, Vanity Fair, NBA and over 100 others, the STN library is a transformative resource for publishers looking for site-wide, contextually relevant and up to date video combined with premium monetization and industry leading player technology.

SendtoNews owns and operates the leading digital video distribution platform in North America, supplying more than 1800 digital publishers with revenue, premium content and advanced video player technology. SendtoNews is the video distribution platform for over 100 content creators, including the NFL, Associated Press, MLB, Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, NBA, PGA Tour, Variety, NHL and MLS, complementing their efforts to grow and engage their digital audience while providing additional revenue opportunities for their advertisers and sponsors.

SendtoNews’ video platform and AI-powered Smart Match player has become an indispensable resource in content, technology and monetization to publishers across North America, making SendtoNews a key partner to industry leaders like Hearst, Gannett, Tribune, McClatchy, USA Today and thousands of other newspaper.coms, broadcast.coms, radio.coms and native digital sites. 

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