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SendtoNews Online Video Platform Surpasses 1 Billion Monthly Video Views

SendtoNews Online Video Platform Surpasses 1 Billion Monthly Video Views

This May, US Comscore All Devices Viewership report saw SendtoNews reach record highs in Videos Viewed, surpassing the one billion mark. 

SendtoNews publishers delivered content to over 47,444,000 unique viewers, totaling 1,041,295,000 video views across the United States for May 2020. This puts STN at #13 and #21 in video views and unique viewers, respectively. STN remains #1 in the sports category for desktop viewership in both metrics. 

SendtoNews saw 120% growth in video viewership from May 2019. This was thanks in part to initiatives like STN’s “Reliving Sports” smart video player, which gave publishers an easy way to deliver official sports content from leagues like MLB, NBA, NFL, PGA Tour and more to their users during a lull in regular season play. This milestone reflects the trust our partners have in SendtoNews to deliver the best in digital video content, technology and monetization opportunities to local audiences at nationwide scale. 

SendtoNews owns and operates the leading digital video distribution platform in North America, supplying more than 1800 digital publishers with revenue, premium content and advanced video player technology. SendtoNews is the video distribution platform for over 100 content creators, including the NFL, Associated Press, MLB, Bloomberg, Rolling Stone, NBA, PGA Tour, Variety, NHL and MLS, complementing their efforts to grow and engage their digital audience while providing additional revenue opportunities for their advertisers and sponsors. 

SendtoNews’ video platform and AI-powered Smart Match player has become an indispensable resource in content, technology and monetization to publishers across North America, making SendtoNews a key partner to industry leaders like Hearst, Gannett, Tribune, McClatchy, USA Today and thousands of other newspaper.coms, broadcast.coms, radio.coms and native digital sites. 

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