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SportsBid Fantasy Sports Launches Open Beta

SportsBid Fantasy Sports Launches Open Beta

Do you like sports?  Do you enjoy strategy games like poker?

A product of VIATeC's Venture Acceleration Program, SportsBid is a daily team fantasy sports game for busy sports fans that need a faster way to engage with the sports they love to watch.  SportsBid features poker-like auction drafts that take just minutes to play.  Players compete for ownership of real-life sports teams, like the Vancouver Canucks, and score points when their teams win.  Unlike other daily fantasy sports products like FanDuel and DraftKings, no player research is necessary.  SportsBid is about strategy: it is not who studies the most, but who plays the best that wins.

SportsBid's mission is to make fantasy sports fun and accessible for fans of all levels. From casual fans to hardcore sports junkies, SportsBid allows friends and coworkers of all passion levels to play together on a fair playing field. In addition, players are more engaged when watching live matches. Rather than rooting for a single athlete, players can cheer on the whole team and enjoy every game-changing play.  SportsBid is free to play and uses virtual chips to track players' progress.

You can help SportsBid by visiting the site, signing up, and playing a practice draft versus the computer opponents.  Early players can help shape SportsBid into the most strategic, accessible, and fun fantasy sports game around!

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