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TEDxVictoria speaker lineup revealed

TEDxVictoria speaker lineup revealed

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On May 15th TEDxVictoria will be back in the heart of downtown Victoria at the historic McPherson Playhouse. Tickets are on sale and all proceeds go toward event costs or pay-it-forward tickets to ensure those facing financial barriers can attend. Opportunities to sponsor TEDxVictoria are also available. 

For the first time since 2015, the world-renowned platform for research, entrepreneurship, and “ideas worth spreading” will return to Victoria. With a global reputation for driving local innovation, TEDxVictoria is back to champion the spirit of change and community. This year’s theme, “It’s up to us,” will bring Victoria together for conversations that challenge inaction and encourage change personally, globally, and local to Victoria. 

Expect the stage to feature twelve TEDxTalks that share research, innovative concepts, personal stories, or transformative experiences. So far, speakers include a deep-sea explorer, teen novelist, wildfire fighter, urban planner, and rainforest photographer, with more to come. You can see the full speaker lineup on the TEDxVictoria website.

The TEDx name might sound familiar, it’s the same name shared by TED and TEDTalks. TEDx is a grassroots initiative that brings the spirit of TED to communities around the globe. While TEDx events are run under the program guidelines and licensing of TED, they are entirely self-organized by volunteers.

Similar to traditional TED Talks, TEDx events host a series of speakers that highlight new research, challenges, or perspectives, but the localized TEDx approach is what sets it apart. TEDx events encourage both personal growth and collective action from their communities, often these events are catalysts for local change. 

Almost a decade has passed since the last TEDxVictoria conference, during that time our community has grown and changed significantly. The population in the Victoria metro area has increased by almost 40,000 people since 2015. This presents its own challenges and its own achievements—we’re faced with unique housing, services, and community planning problems but we have thriving population growth and industry expansion. 

“Victoria is a uniquely close-knit community brimming with diverse talents, backgrounds, and perspectives. There’s a deep need for connection, and I think TEDx is exactly the event to bring our community together.” Marco Pimentel, TEDxVictoria Licensee.

Victoria’s tech industry is making a global name for itself as “Techtoria,” our city’s sustainability efforts inspire other municipalities, and there’s been a wave of entrepreneurship that has shaped our community. With a steady stream of new residents, we’re a hub for so much talent. But, as our population increases, we need creative solutions that can manage this expansion as an island city and continue to deliver a high quality of living in Victoria.

TEDxVictoria is an opportunity to explore those challenges, celebrate the original ideas in our community, and move forward together. These kinds of conversations encourage community-led decision-making and highlight all the amazing things happening in Victoria that deserve a global spotlight from the TEDx platform. 

Anyone can be a part of these conversations. As an attendee, you’ll have an audience seat to the most inspiring ideas in Victoria, the ideas that have the power to shape our community. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, think critically, and chat with other attendees, business leaders, and community advocates.

If you’re a brand or business owner and the TEDx mission for innovation and community aligns with your values, you can get involved too. TEDxVictoria is now issuing a callout for local businesses and leadership to sponsor the event. You’ll be supporting thought leadership that will uplift the achievements, ideas, and residents of Victoria—and your brand will be at the centre of all the action. Want to know more? Here’s how to partner with TEDxVictoria.

We highly recommend you get involved (and buy tickets) early, it’s going to be an event you don’t want to miss!

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