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The Fort on Fort

The Fort on Fort

VIATEC Entrepreneurship

Gillie Easdon gives her take on Fort Tectoria's new cafe in EAT Magazine!

IT'S A STUPIDLY HOT day, and I'm hangry. I turn into VIATEC to check out Ceri Barlow's latest food venture. I glance up at the Aurora-powered interactive chandelier, a shimmering, sound-sensing installation from Limbic Media; it's stunning. I forget I'm starving. But then I spot the counter stacked with baked goods (including Village Butcher sausage rolls) and read over the solid, reasonably priced menu. This is The Fort, a new breakfast and lunch spot in the Fort Tectoria building.

I order the pineapple, lime, and cucumber juice; the daily sandwich of prosciutto, pickled local fennel, pink lady apple, fresh herbed mayo, and cream cheese on a Crust Bakery ciabatta; and the daily salad with roasted Silver Rill beets and carrots with Caprano goat cheese, and a honey and horseradish dressing. Oh, and the lemon, blueberry, and sunflower muffin. Then I request the air-fried Nathan's All Beef Frank Chili Dog with Refire's Texas brisket and chorizo chili and cheese on a croissant. And a Mile Zero cortado. That should do it. My bill is less than $35.

As I await my feast, people appear with empty plates from the offices above. "Amazing, again, Ceri and Tori, thank you," is a consistent refrain. The Fort has counter service, with a couple of window-side ledges and stools if you want to eat in.

"It's whole fruit juice, not pressed" Ceri explains. "There are more nutrients." My juice is deeply refreshing, and a nice counterpoint to the hot dog bomb I collect from the counter. Dense, juicy dog with rich chili and cheese on a croissant. I'm thrilled as I dig in. Fat carries flavour, so this fat on fat on fat on fat is fantastic, a bit outrageous, and it hits the spot. My hanger surrenders to delight. "It was a happy accident," says Ceri, explaining the croissant as bun.

I don't finish the hotdog but box up a bit of the meat for my dog, Queso. I want to have a break, then move on to my next course at home. The Cortado that Ceri Barlow crafts is fantastic. Later on, I sample the sandwich. The crisp apple, soft prosciutto, and pickled fennel is bright and rich. The salad plays the roasted vegetables and cheese against the honey and horseradish dressing well.
I gift the muffin to my son. He inhales it.

The Fort is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. They can also provide catering with notice for up to 50 people.

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Media Contact : Ceri Barlow

Source : Gillie Easdon, EAT Magazine

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