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The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce's digital time machine

The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce's digital time machine

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The Great Victoria Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its birthday. If the organization were to grab a cake for the occasion, the amount of candles required might draw the ire of the Victoria Fire Department. So, to mark a nice, round 160 years of the Chamber, it celebrated by taking a trip back in time. The flux capacitor was set to — you guessed it — 1863 for the occasion.

The Chamber 1863 web project is a digital exhibit that takes a deep dive into the history of the Chamber and the many communities that contributed to the growth of trade and commerce in southern Vancouver Island. “It's a fascinating look at people who left a legacy, and a chance to better understand the struggles of those who overcame discriminatory social and political practices of the times,” the Chamber says of the project.

The site is live now, and is a living project that the Chamber anticipates will continue to grow as more information and content becomes available. For now, the project winds through the region’s history of commerce, starting with First Nations that have lived in the area since time immemorial. Other stops on the online tour include the Chamber’s founding, DEI initiatives, and moments of both boom and bust.

“When you're used to looking to the future, it can be a little awe-inspiring to look back and see how far we've come,” the Chamber says. It’s a sentiment that would even make a Back to the Future superfan smile. 

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