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Up to $200K for these Island innovators

Up to $200K for these Island innovators

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Meet the local awardees of Innovate BC and NRC IRAP’s Fast Pilot program funding

The program is providing a combined total of $2 million in research and development funding to help 14 companies pilot their technologies. Of those 14, four are from Vancouver Island.

Origen Air: Its funded project will demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits of a specific air purifier in four unique environments. The hoped-for result is an uptick in clean air delivery rate for the removal of indoor air pollutants.

Axolotl Biosciences: Its pilot will demonstrate a novel bioink that accurately prints humanized brain tissues for neurodegenerative research and drug screening processes. It will serve multiple B.C. academic labs and industry partners.

GRT: This new project will validate washing of coal-laden soil, and ensure that the by-product is pure enough to be re-used as an ignition source.

Wiser Marine Technologies: Its pilot initiative will develop and demonstrate a high-efficiency floating solar platform that can be scaled to provide community-level power generation.

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