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Victoria, BC based launches new app for emergency preparedness week

Victoria, BC based launches new app for emergency preparedness week

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Be OK in the event of an emergency. Victoria, BC based has launched a new app for emergency preparedness week.

Victoria, BC based has launched a new web application to ensure you are OK in the event of an emergency.

Designed to help you build an emergency plan checklist, prepare and maintain your emergency supplies, ensure you know the location of your emergency supplies, and communicate the status of your loved ones in an emergency.

A tiny bootstrapped organization based in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, OK Help built this service because they want to know their loved ones will be OK because the community around them will be OK.

In an earthquake, flood, wildfire or other civil emergency the everyday things we all take for granted may not be available for days or weeks. Fresh water, food, shelter, power, heat, medical services, medications, banking services, transport and other everyday necessities can all be disrupted. 

When emergency services are overstretched in the wake of a disaster small things like the ability to clean, disinfect and cover a small cut or scrape can make a big difference to maintaining the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. 

OK Help focuses on the small yet important steps you can take to ensure you and your loved ones will be OK in an emergency.

OK Help wanted to build a service where you can know your information is private and secure. They take privacy and security extremely seriously and their revenue only comes from subscriptions to the service. They do not sell data, advertising, or endorse any specific goods or services. Their only focus is making the best product they can, to ensure you are as prepared as possible, which keeps things simple and honest, and that’s how they like it.

The majority of the functionality of the service is free to use. Because their ultimate goal is to ensure as many people as possible are prepared. Subscriptions are inexpensive at $1 per month per family and provide a way for OK Help to fund ongoing development and maintenance. Subscribing is a way for their users to show that they appreciate them building and maintaining this service and want OK Help to continue.

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